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FBS hosts educational classes throughout the Philadelphia area for Federal Employees who want to learn more about their benefits and retirement options. When we say education, that’s what we mean. We do not attempt to sell anything in our classes! Our only focus is to make sure you understand your options and to help give you peace of mind.
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Request Your FREE  Federal Retirement Benefit Analysis Today!

As a Federal Employee, you have one of the best retirement packages on the planet,

but are you taking advantage of everything available to you?
We have found that most Federal Employees do not fully understand the options

that are available to them, and it will end up costing them thousands of dollars every year when they retire.
How can you be sure you’re not making any costly mistakes? 

​At the Federal Benefit Specialists (FBS), our primary mission is to make sure you are educated on the latest information about FERS and CSRS benefits, maximizing your TSP, and how to best utilize your FEGLI
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